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6. August 2014

jahbouksIs there anyone on this planet who wasn’t high on Jah Bouks‘ debut „Angola“ last year? I guess not. It was – and still is – a worldwide hit, a hymn, in the clubs and dancehalls and people sang along to this rootsy old school vibe heartfully. Many asked why they hadn’t heard from this talented rasta before. Like many good things, Jah Bouks took his time to grow and develop. And he has the best support a man can have: A strong woman behind him, his mum Zyon Panton, who takes care of Boukies career. Jah Bouks and Zyon Paton will be in the studio today to tell us about their work, the love of music and the power of familar bonds. Don’t miss it!


6. August 2014

17 – 19 Uhr

FSK (93,0 MHz/101,4 Kabel)

http://www.fsk-hh.org (stream)


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  1. 6. August 2014 09:03

    never heard this song before. i am listening now and I like it.

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